Books Edited

(Some titles and authors are not listed due to privacy. Also, this is not an up-to-date list. It is only updated when I get a chance―usually two or three times a year.)

Books Edited:

Sawyer Bennett: (New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal & Amazon Best-Selling Author) Off Course, If I Return, Forever Young, Off Chance, Legal Affairs 1-6, On the Rocks, Make it a Double, Confessions of a Litigation God, Sugar on the Edge, Uncivilized, Off Season, With a Twist, Off Duty, Shaken Not Stirred, Clash, Crash, Grind, Yield, Love Uncivilized, Wicked Fall, Wicked Lust, Wicked Need, Wicked Ride, Wicked Bond, Sexy Lies and Rock and Roll, The Hard Truth About Sunshine, Finding Kyle, Wicked Wish, Wicked Favor, Wicked Choice, Wicked Envy, Pecker Briefs, Atticus, Wicked Wedding, Code Name: Genesis, Code Name: Sentinel,  Code Name: Heist, Code Name: Hacker, Code Name: Ghost, Code Name: Rook, Wicked Billionaire, Dax, Tacker, Dominik, Wylde, Kane, Wicked Secret, Wicked Knight, Wicked Angel,

Jason Brant: The Gate, Tartarus, Sheol, The Dark, Devoured, Consumed, Ravaged, Ash, Madness, Asher’s War, The Perfect Crime, Clown, Broken, Ruined, Decayed

Melissa McClone: (New York Times, USA Today, & Amazon Best-Selling Author) The Wedding Charade, Jenny, A Thankful Heart, Christmas at the Castle, The Valentine Quest, Sweet Christmas Wishes, Fiancé for the Night, Finding Mr. Happily Ever After, Sweet Beginnings, A Little Bit Engaged, His Christmas Family, His Second Chance, Carter’s Cowgirl, His Christmas Wish, Her Christmas Kiss, The Christmas Window, The Wedding Lullaby

Marquita Valentine: (New York Times, USA Today, & Amazon Best-Selling Author) Twice Tempted, Just Desserts, Only For You , True For You, Not Over You, Wish For You, Burn For You, The Request, Be Mine, All the Right Moves, The Deception, Need You Tonight, Love So Hot, Dare Me Once, Love So True, Love So Irresistible, Love So Right, The Forgotten Bride, The Temporary Bride, The Billionaire Bride, Seducing the Billionaire’s Wife, Skin Deep, Royal Scandal, Royal Affair, The Scottish Bride, Scored, Sidelined, Love So Wild, Dmitry, Benjamin, Picture Perfect Lie  

Juliette Poe: (New York Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal & Amazon Best-Selling Author) Ain’t He Precious, Stubborn as A Mule, Barking Up the Wrong Tree, Pretty as a Peach

Rene Folsom: (USA Today Best-selling Author) Heart You, Voices of the Soul, Eyes of the Soul, Truths of the Soul, Blood of the Soul, Secrets of the Soul, Bind Me, Hearts of the Soul, Shuttered Affections, Exposed Affections, Flatter Me, For Liberty, Adventurous, Tempt, The Wager, Game Changer, Trust, Trapt, The Break, Game On, Promise You, By Chance, Aiden, Charmed, Frigid

Rebecca Hamilton: (NYT & USA Today Best-Selling Author) & Conner Kressley (USA Today Best-Selling Author): Charmed by the Beast, Under: An Adult Dystopian Paranormal Romance: Othala Witch Collection (Sector 5), Harvest (Isa Fae Faction One)

Rebecca Hamilton: (NYT & USA Today Best-Selling Author) & Margo Bond Collins: Cursed Magic

Rebecca Hamilton: (NYT & USA Today Best-Selling Author) Origin: An Adult Dystopian Paranormal Romance: Othala Witch Collection (Sector 1), Coven Keepers

Rebecca Hamilton and Isadora Brown: Sea of Darkness

Rebecca Hamilton: (NYT & USA Today Best-Selling Author) & Jasmine Walt (NYT Best-Selling Author): Shadow Hunted

Jasmine Walt (NYT Best-Selling Author): Fugitive by Magic, Claimed by Magic, Scorched by Magic, Angel Kissed, Betrayed by Magic, Marked by Magic, Tested by Magic, Deceived by Magic,

Jasmine Walt (NYT Best-Selling Author) & Ines Johnson: Demeter’s Tablet, Templar Scrolls

Jasmine Walt (NYT Best-Selling Author) & Debbie Cassidy (USA Today Best-Selling Author): Hunted by Sin, Claimed by Sin

Ainsley Shay: Immortal Trials 1-5, Ashes and Shadows

Shelly Crane: (NYT Best-selling Author) Smash into You

Tabatha Vargo: (NYT Best-Selling Author) On the Plus Side

Tabatha Vargo & Melissa Andrea: (NYT Best-Selling Authors) The Procedure

Jon Messenger: The Brink of Distinction Trilogy, Card Tricks, Rage

Rene Folsom & Juli Valenti: Adventurous, Bound, Charming

Rickie Blair: From Garden to Grave, Danger and the Sting, A Branch Too Far, Muddy Waters, The Grave Truth

Jennifer Anne Davis: The Key, Red, War, Cage of Deceit, Burning Shadows, Cage of Darkness, Cage of Destiny, Oath of Deception, Realm of Knights, Shadow Knights, Hidden Knights

L.B. Gilbert: (USA Today Best-Selling Author) Air: The Elementals Book Two, Forsaken, Water, Earth, Discordia, Eat You Up

Carly Hansen: Magic Reborn, Magic Bound, Magic Aflame

Genevieve Jack: Wicked Seduction

L.G. Castillo: (USA Today Best-Selling Author) Archangel’s Fire

Izzy Shows: Space Mage

Lucy Leroux: (USA Today Best-Selling Author) Black Widow, Codename Romeo, Trick’s Trap, Kin Selection, Peyton’s Price

Kay Bratt: Somewhere Beautiful, Where I Belong

Sonya Loveday: The Summer I Fell, End Note, If Ever I Fall, Relevance, The Vows We Make, What It Takes, All We Are, A Very Merry Sixmas, Northern Lights

Candace Knoebel: Evernight, Everlost, Everdeep, Evermore, The Taste of Her Words, The Roots of Us, Virginal Headlines

Sonya Loveday & Candace Knoebel: Love Always, Runaway Heart, When Two Hearts Collide

Sophia Shade: Curse of Fire

Hans Cummings: Zack Jackson & The Cytherean Academy, Zack Jackson & The Hives of Valtra, Scars of the Sundering, Zack Jackson & the Secret of Venus, Summer of Crows

Rachael James: Hook, Line, and Garter, Crazy B*tch, Baby B*tch

Shelby Fallon: Stealing Grace, Taking Faith

Ryan Casey: The Painting, The Disappearing

Andris Bear: Angel Unleashed, Demon Undamned, All Wicked’s Eve, Lover’s Lane, Memory Lane, Dead End Lane, Inked, Daring to Fall, Angel Unclaimed, Witch of Whispers, Witched at Birth, Witch Slapped

Stephanie Erickson: Unseen, The Dead Room, Unforgiven, Undivided, The Fate, The Reaper, The Human, The Dead World, Unbroken, Unforeseen, Unknown, Alive, Through the Valley, Fear No Evil, Shadow of Death, With or Without

M.L. Ryan: Special Offers, Special Attraction, Special Passage, Special Deception, Special Conceptions, Special Invitation 

Phil Taylor: White Picket Prisons, 50 Shades of Phil, The Sneaker Tree

Nicholas Andrews: Festival of the Saints, Babyface Fire

Matthew J. Olson: Flaming Curse

Cheyanne Young: Powered

Jennifer Clay: The Other Side of Normal

Leigh Anderson: Sword Kissed

Bart Hopkins: Dead Ends

Michael Loring: Number Eighteen, Say My Name

E.G. Gaddess: Dhampyr Journey

Jim Proctor: Made in the Stars, Veronica Phoenix, Search for the Phoenix, Freedom

G.E. Saturley: The Real Deal

Toni Aleo: (NYT and USA Today Best-Selling Author) Breaking Away, Tangled in the Laces, The Whiskey Prince

Shaun Dowdall: Rebirth (A Thousand Hearts), Second Chance, From Beyond, Chrysalis Blooms 1-6 (Serial Episodes)

Maggie Carpenter: Desire Unleashed

Stephanie Summers: Haunting, Awakening

Kyan Yauchler: Homeostasis Lost, Autumn Nation, Awake

A.G. Henley: The Fire Sisters

Katie French: The Brothers, Clay: A Breeder’s Story, The Barriers, Monster Island Serial Series, Plan B, The Night Road, The Glass Road, Rogue Witch, Slayer Witch

Katie French and Ingrid Seymour: Luminous, The Dragon’s Sacrifice

Lynne Best: Chasing Charis, Hunting Harper, Becoming Brandy

Marta Brown: Sun-Kissed Summer

Shelbi Wescott: Virulent Stories

Peter Boland: The Spiral Arm Episodes 2-4

Pete Bauer: Kneel and Pray, Lost and Found, Sins and Suicide, Gods and Martyrs, Recoil, Trigger, Blowback

Annalise Nixon: Between a Wolf and a Hard Place 1-6, Bargain with the Bear, Saving the Wolf

Richard Gibbons: Battlefield Abductions, The Battlefield Indoctrination, The Battlefield Uprising

Catherine Wilson: Look to the Stars, The Darkest Night, The Reigning Star

Charity Vandehey: Pirate Bound

Catherine Stine: Witch of the Cards

T.L. Frye: The Secret of Magik and Dragons

Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels: Exposing Ele, Surviving Ele, Ending Ele

Tanith Morse: Super Dark 2 and Super Dark 3

E.R. Arroyo: Aggression

Kristina Canady: Eclipsed by Midnight, Scrupulous, Valorous

Kelly Miller: My Blue Nightmare

Rita Stradling: Colorless

Karri Thompson: Relegation

Allen Wise: Dragon Shifter

Eva Chase: Magic Waking

J.L. Weil: Ancient Tides

KR Thompson: Shifter’s University, Forest of Lost Souls, House of Secrets

DD Miers: City of Shadows

Lynn Best: Chasing Charis, Becoming Brandy, Hunting Harper

Leah Silver: Coven of Magic, Break of Magic, 

Lindsey R. Loucks: Blood Song

Anna Ambrose: Lucy: An Open-Door Policy novella, Xander: An Open-Door Policy novella

Isadora Brown: Poisonous Temptation

Cortney Pearson: Princess of Death

Richard Denoncourt: Feral, Trainland, Ascendant: State of Surrender: Episodes 1-5

Basia Pike: A Kiss With Darkness

Jennifer Rose McMahon: The Shuttered Ward, The Excited Ward

Gemini  Sasson: Say When, Threats and Threads, 

Sharon Ashwood: Shimmer, Gifted

M.H. Soars: Wolf’s Calling

M. H. Soars & Michelle Hercules: Pack’s Queen

Dakota Davies: Entwined Hearts, Unraveled Hearts, Their Wild Coast Rebel, Her Wild Coast Outlaw, Hush

Alex Thompson: Fire and Smoke

Gaja J. Kos: Shadow Heart, Burning Moon

Joshua Killingsworth: The Songstress, The Bearer of the Seed

Larissa Emerald: Forever at Risk, Perfection, Forever Found 



Apocalypse, Twist, Stalkers, Stardust


Tule Publishing:

Madeline Ash: Breaking Good

Dani Collins: (USA Today Best-Selling Author) His Christmas Miracle

Eve Gaddy: (Best-Selling Author) Love Me, Cowgirl

Melissa McClone: (USA Today Best-Selling Author) A Thankful Heart, Christmas at the Castle, The Valentine Quest

Robin Bielman: (USA Today Best-Selling Author) Once Upon A Royal Christmas

C.J. Carmichael: (USA Today Best-Selling Author) Sweet Dreams, Baby

J.P. Combe Honey

Roxanne Snopek: (USA Today Best-Selling Author) The Chocolate Comeback

Steena Holmes: (NYT and USA Today Best-Selling Author) Charmed by Chocolate, Captured by Chocolate

Debra Salonen: (Best-Selling Author) Sweet Summer’s Kiss

Marin Thomas: Sweet Home Cowboy

Barbara Ankrum: A Little Christmas Magic

Kathleen O’Brien: His Christmas Princess

Lenora Worth: (NYT, USA Today, Publishers Weekly Best-Selling Author) Undercover Princess, Lone Star Princess, Cooking Up Trouble

Shirley Jump: Summer Love: Take Two

Kyra Jacobs: Love at the Beach Shop

Susan Meier: Small Town Love

Madeline Ash: The Wedding Obsession, His Billionaire Bride

Priscilla Oliveras: Resort to Love

Kelsey McKnight & Sarah Fischer: Cupid Claus, Royally Abandoned 


Clean Teen Publishing:

Rebecca Gober & Courtney Nuckels: Exposing Ele, Surviving Ele, Ending Ele, A New World

Gabrielle Arrowsmith: Concealed in the Shadows, Released from the Darkness, Reduced to Dust

Cindy Saunders: Double Star

Wonderstruck: Various Authors

B.T. Lyons: Heartkeeper, Heartbound

Jon Messenger: Wind Warrior, Flame Caller, Water Shaper, Earth God

Lauren Nicolle Taylor: The Woodlands, The Wall, The Wounded, The Wanted, The Willful (Woodlands Novella), Nora and Kettle, Breaker and the Sun, Travel Diaries of the Dead and Delusional

Holly Kelly: Rising, Descending, Avenging, Raging

Melissa J. Cunningham: Reluctant Guardian, The Elementalist, The Celestine Sword, The Undoer

Erica Kiefer: Lingering Echoes, Rumors, Vanishing Act, Through the Glass

Kelly Risser: Never Forgotten, Current Impressions, Always Remembered, Sea of Memories

Sherry Ficklin: Haunting Zoe, Queen of Someday, Queen of Tomorrow, Queen of Always, Playing with Fire, In Too Deep, Digital Horizons, The Canary Club, Nothing Gold, Hollow Queen, Broken Queen

Delsheree Gladden: Wicked Power, Wicked Glory

Neil Harris: The Last Orphan, The Harvest, Enslaved, Darkest Days

Amanda Strong: The Awakener, Hidden Monster, Holy and the Fallen, Inner Demons

Michelle K. Pickett: Finding Willow, Unspeakable, Milayna, Milayna’s Angel, The Innocent

K.C. Finn: A Place Halfway

Sandy Goldsworthy: Aftermath, Aftershock, Afterlife

Renee Shearer: The Hunted, The Forsaken

Shannon Maynard: Wicked Luck, Wicked Fate

Tyler Jolley and Sherry D. Ficklin: Prodigal, Riven, Extracted

Audrey Greathouse: The Neverland Wars, The Piper’s Price, The Grown-Up’s Crusade

Jennifer Derrick: Broken Fate, Avenging Fate, Hunted Fate

Kendra Saunders: Dating an Alien Pop Star, Engaged to an Alien Pop Star, Marrying an Alien Pop Star

Kristin Smith: Catalyst, Forgotten, Fearless

Lila Felix: Lightning Forgotten, Heartbreaker

Jenna-Lynne Duncan: Blue Tide

Nely Cab: Marker of Hope

M.E. Rhines: Sink, Swim

Tamara Grantham: GrayGhost

Cindy Cipriano: Fading

Mary Bernsen: Jewel of the Gods, Nectar of the Gods

Melissa Woods: Alive, Still Alive

Jodi Gallegos: The High Crown Chronicles

Emily Shore: The Aviary, The Garden, The Temple, The Temple Twins, The Aquarium 

Quinn Loftis: The Viking’s Consort


Crimson Tree Publishing:

Alicia Michaels: Secrets (Bionics 3), Spark (Bionics 4), Flame (Bionics 5), Revolt (Bionics 6), The Resistance (Bionic 7), Bellamy and the Brute, Bellamy and the Haunting, The Revolution (Bionics 8)

Jon Messenger: Brink of Distinction series, Wolves of the Northern Rift, The Blood Thief of Whitten Hall, The Golem of Solomon’s Way, The Rift Between

Peggy Martinez: Sweet Contradiction, Perfect Contradiction, Contradiction Cookbook

Ranae Glass: Chasing Daybreak, Chasing Midnight

June Stevens: Voodoo Moon, Changing Moon

Becky Doughty: A Long Way Home

Julie Wetzel: Blazing Moon

Laney Wylde: Never Touched